christmas gifts

Don’t Give In To Over-Gifting!

The holiday season comes once a year – but buyer’s remorse can last a lot longer if you neglect to keep your budget in check. It’s easy to be tempted […]


female driver daydreaming behind the wheel of a car

Daydreaming While Driving? Danger Ahead!

Cell phones can take a back seat now to simple daydreaming as the primary cause of distracted driving. This loss of focus on the task at hand was associated with […]


phone with various apps on the screen

Behind The Wheel? Get Behind These Apps First!

Safer driving starts with a number of common sense approaches, including reducing your potential for distractions. Now, the nation’s three major cell phone carriers are featuring free, Android-based apps that […]


data from the stock market

Why Take Chances?

Okay, say you don’t want to take on risk or tie up your money in investments. You might be asking yourself: “Do I have to invest?” It’s a fair question, […]


payday loans

Dangerous Debt Behaviors

Using a credit card to pay for impulse purchases. Taking on debt without a realistic plan to pay it back. Losing track of how much you owe. Paying only the […]


401k paperwork

Isn’t Retirement, Like, For Old People?

You think you’ve got years and years (and years!) to deal with this (yawn!) retirement stuff, right? Wrong. If you want to make work optional one day, the time to […]


man lookign at his credit card

How to Make Credit Cards Work

How to Make Credit Cards Work For You (Not Against You) For better or worse, credit cards are a big part of our society today. In fact, it’s how we’re […]


man looking over investment charts

How Will I Know If I’m Ready To Invest?

Investing is a wealth building strategy you should think about sooner rather than later. But it’s not for beginners. To get off on the right foot, get your financial house […]


female soldier standing inline with fellow soldiers at attention

Why Should I Think About Credit?

Why Should I Think About Credit Right Now? Too often, people don’t worry about credit until they want something big. But when the day comes that you need a loan […]


lots of one dollar bills over lapping each other

What’s My Raise Got to Do with It?

With regular pay increases built right into the military system, you’re gaining skills, moving through the ranks, and making bank. When raises start rolling in, it can be tempting to […]


piggy bank

Q: The Best Time to Start Saving?

The question isn’t IF you should start saving but WHEN. And the answer to that…we’re about to make it real easy for you. The best time to start saving is […]