whats so great about iras

What’s So Great About IRAs?

IRA stands for Individual Retirement Arrangement. If you want to do more to invest for retirement than your employer-provided TSP, or you just want to do something different, you can […]


am i ready to save for retirement

Am I Ready to Save for Retirement?

Investing for retirement is a wealth building strategy you should think about sooner rather than later. But it’s not something you should just jump into blindly. To be sure you […]

Major Purchases

are cool cars worth the cost

Are Cool Cars Worth the Cost?

Come on admit it. Just the look of some cars (or trucks) can get your blood pumping. They can even get some people to fork over huge amounts of money […]

Major Purchases

man holding car keys in right hand

Wheels Within Your Means

Too many people buy houses and cars way beyond their means. “House poor” is a common term. But there are probably even more people who are “car poor.” Don’t be […]

Major Purchases

analyzing major purchases

Analyzing Major Purchases

If you’re contemplating a big buy, spend a few minutes with the Major Purchase Worksheet on the following page to help you decide if you’re making a smart move or […]

Major Purchases

wants verses needs

Three Steps That Could Help You Avoid Trouble

Before you take that plunge into the cold, dark depths of debt (yes, we’re trying to scare you), here are a few final gut checks to see if you could avoid […]


take control of your finances

Take Control of Your Finances

1. Adjust your lifestyle so that you are no longer adding to your debt. 2. Pay bills on time to avoid unnecessary late fees and high interest charges. 3. Use […]


Let’s Assess Your Debt

It’s hard to know whether you’re doing a good job at curbing your debt, if you could do better, or if you could do A LOT better. The best way […]


plants sprouting out of stacked coins

Successful Savings Starts Here

Ready? Now that you’re basically a savings pro, let’s get it down on paper while it’s still fresh. Answer the following questions (do it over a few days if you […]


Before You Take On Debt

Before You Take on Debt

Debt isn’t something you jump into blindly. To make sure you consider all the variables, grab a pen and paper, and analyze its RIFF (Repayment Terms, Interest Expense, Future Income, […]


man looking at his savings account

Better Know Your Savings Accounts

For a short-term savings strategy (anywhere from 1 month to 3 years), there are a number of savings account types you should consider. The advantage of these accounts is that […]


tree fell on red car

The Unexpected is Expensive

Unexpected expenses come in many forms and can quickly get you into debt or push you further into debt. Prepare for these unexpected expenses with an emergency fund. It never […]