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Auto Insurance Rates Decrease Nationwide

For many drivers, the cost of protecting your vehicle – as well as yourself and your family – has actually decreased in the last decade (2001-2010). An independent study conducted […]

Paying for College

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Plan Your Next Steps

Get Career College-Specific Assistance To Plan Your Next Steps If your child is enrolled in one of the many career education high schools around the country, there is a variety […]


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Deep In Debt? Grab A Lifeline

It can be reassuring to know that if you ever find (or have already found) yourself in too deep, there’s help. There are wonderful nonprofit credit counseling programs, like The […]


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A Saving Strategy for Millenials

A Savings Strategy for Millennials and Other Generations It seems like everyone describes the millennial generation as if each member is exactly the same – a caricature of itself: Millennial’s […]


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Work Up To Savings

To reach your savings goals, you may have to cut back — or cut out — spending in other areas. This is how budgeting gets a bad name — but […]


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What Investment Accounts Should I Account For?

What Investment Accounts Should I Account For? There are as many ways to invest as there are reasons to invest. Luckily, there are 3 basic types of investment accounts geared […]

Major Purchases

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How to Win at Major Purchases

There’s no question about it: major purchases require major consideration. But before you can even go there, you have to first acknowledge that it’s a major purchase. Just because a […]


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Retirement Savings

How Else Can I “Do” Retirement Savings? Want to do more to get to retirement? Or maybe you’ve got goals other than retirement on your mind? You can always open […]


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Debt: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  Debt is tricky. Though it’s an extremely useful financial tool many people depend on, it can be very dangerous when used improperly or carelessly. Here’s a quick rundown of […]


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Are Credit Cards Bad?

There’s no denying that cards get a lot of people in a lot of financial trouble. But the real answer to this question is up to you. If you use […]


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What’s So Great About the TSP?

Ready to start investing for retirement? Don’t overlook one of the easiest ways to get started: the Thrift Savings Plan, or TSP. This tax-advantaged program allows service members to invest […]


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Pick Your Investing Path

Deciding which investments to make takes time and energy, and just making the investments often costs money. You can save on investment costs by going DIY, or you can get […]