Blended Retirement System

Similar But Different

The new Blended Retirement System (BRS) consists of the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and a retirement annuity just like the legacy retirement (high-3) system – with four big differences.

  1. The BRS includes DoD automatic and matching TSP contributions that are not part of the legacy system.
  2. The BRS annuity for those retiring from the military is smaller than the legacy system.
  3. The BRS offers a mid-career continuation payment.
  4. The BRS offers two partial lump sum retirement options.

Want to learn more about the Blended Retirement System? Watch BSR videos now.

Military Retirement Comparison Tool

Eligibility Rules

If you signed a contract to serve or entered the military:


Active Duty with 12 or more years of service by 12/31/2017, or Guard/Reserve with 4,320 points, or more

Nothing Changes — you remain in the Legacy System.


Active Duty with less than 12 years of service by 12/31/2017, or Guard/Reserve with less than 4,320 points, or more

You get to choose in 2018 the system under which you’ll be covered.


Active Duty

You’re automatically enrolled in BRS.