Spending Plan Launch

Spending Plan Launch

Now that you know how much you can afford to spend in each spending plan category and still move towards your savings goals, it’s time to live your plan. Document your new […]

Big Money Coming In

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Making a spending plan isn’t just about tracking your expenses. It also means looking carefully at what you have to work with — your income. Use this checklist to think […]

Spending Plan Analysis

Spending Plan Analysis

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into this spending plan thing. Once you’ve created a plan, try to stick to it. Don’t take on an unplanned expense unless you cut […]

Budget Strategy

Once you know what money you have to work with and where it goes, you get to shift focus from what is to what could be. Where do you need and want your money […]

Budget Recon

Ready to create a budget? Great! First, know where you stand by tallying up all the funds coming in (whoo hoo!) and all the spending going out (wah wahhhh). We […]

School Shopping for Young Families

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If you’ve got kids heading to school you know that it can be an expensive time of the year. Spending hundreds of dollars to get them ready to enter (or […]

“Most” Deductions Are Expenses, Too

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When you document your pay for budgeting purposes, put in your gross — the amount you make before taxes or other deductions are taken out. Then, note each deduction as […]

Review Your Finances before Deploying

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Deployment: It’s a basic fact of military life. It’s also one of the most challenging situations a military family can face. Lives and living situations change. Family routines are interrupted. […]

A Method to the Budgeting Madness

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Think of learning to stick to a budget, like training for a fitness goal. If you want to run a marathon, you’ll put together a training plan that suits your unique personality […]

3 Must-Do Money Moves for Military Milleninials

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Life is full of decisions, some bigger or more impactful than others. This is fairly obvious. What’s not so obvious is that some seemingly small decisions you make as a […]

Getting Prepared for Deployment

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Getting Financially and Legally Prepared for Deployment If deployment is on the horizon, you need to prepare for any possible life scenario. Part of this preparation is making sure your […]

4 Steps to Your Very Own Spending Plan

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How do you even begin to create a budget? Walk yourself through 4 simple steps: Recon. Take stock of your situation. Tally up all the funds coming in and all the […]