Dangerous Debt Behaviors

payday loans

Using a credit card to pay for impulse purchases. Taking on debt without a realistic plan to pay it back. Losing track of how much you owe. Paying only the […]

How to Make Credit Cards Work

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How to Make Credit Cards Work For You (Not Against You) For better or worse, credit cards are a big part of our society today. In fact, it’s how we’re […]

Take Control of Your Finances

take control of your finances

1. Adjust your lifestyle so that you are no longer adding to your debt. 2. Pay bills on time to avoid unnecessary late fees and high interest charges. 3. Use […]

Let’s Assess Your Debt

It’s hard to know whether you’re doing a good job at curbing your debt, if you could do better, or if you could do A LOT better. The best way […]

Before You Take on Debt

Before You Take On Debt

Debt isn’t something you jump into blindly. To make sure you consider all the variables, grab a pen and paper, and analyze its RIFF (Repayment Terms, Interest Expense, Future Income, […]

Deep In Debt? Grab A Lifeline

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It can be reassuring to know that if you ever find (or have already found) yourself in too deep, there’s help. There are wonderful nonprofit credit counseling programs, like The […]

Debt: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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  Debt is tricky. Though it’s an extremely useful financial tool many people depend on, it can be very dangerous when used improperly or carelessly. Here’s a quick rundown of […]