Are Cool Cars Worth the Cost?

are cool cars worth the cost

Come on admit it. Just the look of some cars (or trucks) can get your blood pumping. They can even get some people to fork over huge amounts of money […]

Wheels Within Your Means

man holding car keys in right hand

Too many people buy houses and cars way beyond their means. “House poor” is a common term. But there are probably even more people who are “car poor.” Don’t be […]

Analyzing Major Purchases

analyzing major purchases

If you’re contemplating a big buy, spend a few minutes with the Major Purchase Worksheet on the following page to help you decide if you’re making a smart move or […]

Three Steps That Could Help You Avoid Trouble

wants verses needs

Before you take that plunge into the cold, dark depths of debt (yes, we’re trying to scare you), here are a few final gut checks to see if you could avoid […]

How to Win at Major Purchases

two men shaking hands

There’s no question about it: major purchases require major consideration. But before you can even go there, you have to first acknowledge that it’s a major purchase. Just because a […]

Five Rules for Buying a House

family with two small children packign supplies sold proerty sign

Buying a house is a great way to feel like you’re part of the community. But it’s also a huge financial decision with far-reaching implications.  If you’re looking to buy […]

That Sweet Ride

That Sweet Ride

There’s more to buying a car than thinking you can afford the monthly car payment. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into. Assess your needs We […]