U.S. Leads Europe In Cell Phone Use While Driving

teen girld driving and taling on the phone friend laughing in passanger seat

Sometimes it’s not always good to be first – a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that more Americans compared to European drivers are […]

Daydreaming While Driving? Danger Ahead!

female driver daydreaming behind the wheel of a car

Cell phones can take a back seat now to simple daydreaming as the primary cause of distracted driving. This loss of focus on the task at hand was associated with […]

Behind The Wheel? Get Behind These Apps First!

phone with various apps on the screen

Safer driving starts with a number of common sense approaches, including reducing your potential for distractions. Now, the nation’s three major cell phone carriers are featuring free, Android-based apps that […]

Texting And Driving Warning: Sender Beware

female texting and driving

Texting while driving is a serious and growing problem on our streets and highways. Most states have laws prohibiting it. Now, in New Jersey, those who knowingly text someone who […]

Resolve to Review Insurance Coverages

elderly couple reviewing their insurance coverage

Take a more financially savvy approach to your insurance by sitting down and reviewing your current policies. That means homeowners, auto, renters, health and any other insurance you maintain to […]

Auto Insurance knowledge

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Top Things Military Personnel Should Know About Auto Insurance If you’re a service member or a service member’s spouse, and you’re relocating to a city across state lines, you can […]

Auto Insurance Rates Decrease Nationwide

mother driving her son in vehicle

For many drivers, the cost of protecting your vehicle – as well as yourself and your family – has actually decreased in the last decade (2001-2010). An independent study conducted […]