Q: The Best Time to Start Saving?

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The question isn’t IF you should start saving but WHEN. And the answer to that…we’re about to make it real easy for you. The best time to start saving is […]

Hooray For Military Saves!

Hooray for Military Saves!

The USAA Educational Foundation was proud to be a part of Military Saves Week—the official kick-off for the yearlong Military Saves Campaign. More than 25,000 took the Military Saves Pledge, […]

How to Get 100% Savings Success Rate

How to Get 100% Savings Success Rate

The absolute most positive and painless way to save money is to make it automatic. Set up an allotment from your pay or a direct deposit from your spouse’s pay […]

Successful Savings Starts Here

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Ready? Now that you’re basically a savings pro, let’s get it down on paper while it’s still fresh. Answer the following questions (do it over a few days if you […]

Better Know Your Savings Accounts

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For a short-term savings strategy (anywhere from 1 month to 3 years), there are a number of savings account types you should consider. The advantage of these accounts is that […]

The Unexpected is Expensive

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Unexpected expenses come in many forms and can quickly get you into debt or push you further into debt. Prepare for these unexpected expenses with an emergency fund. It never […]

Savvy Shopping Equals Big Savings

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Savvy Shopping Adds Up To Big Savings For Your Military Family During Military Family Appreciation Month, service members will find many businesses offering additional discounts and special savings on a […]

A Saving Strategy for Millenials

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A Savings Strategy for Millennials and Other Generations It seems like everyone describes the millennial generation as if each member is exactly the same – a caricature of itself: Millennial’s […]

Work Up To Savings

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To reach your savings goals, you may have to cut back — or cut out — spending in other areas. This is how budgeting gets a bad name — but […]

Pay Yourself First


You have to pay everyone else —shouldn’t you get your share too? The answer is, you should. Your spending plan helps you pay yourself, first. Make it a goal to […]

5 Foolproof Ways to Save

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We don’t need to tell you all the reasons why it’s a good idea to save money. You know that already. What you might not know is how to actually […]


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Is your bank account about to get a big boost from a tax refund? If so, here are five quick tips to help you make the most of it. Have […]