Military Kids Rock! Show Them You Care

.Military Kids Rock-- Show Them You Care!

This month is a great opportunity to celebrate and appreciate military kids as an important part of the military family dynamic. Resilient and adaptable by the nature of an often-mobile lifestyle, military kids may also face more stressful situations and significant events than other youths. Fortunately, there are a number of organizations and community resources that focus on providing military kids with a variety of programs and services. These programs and services address military kids unique needs and show these kids how much they’re appreciated every day!


PBS KIDS has a variety of activities and information that speak to military kids about the issues of deployment. A special documentary aimed at helping younger children cope is the subject of a Sesame Workshop film that you can watch online at SEASAMEWORKSHP.ORG.

Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids was created solely to provide support and recognition to children of military families in all branches of service through grants. These grants help pay for fees associated with athletic, fine arts, and tutoring programs.

Military Kids Connect

Military Kids Connect is a multi-feature online resource with age-appropriate activities for kids from preschool through teen years, offering ways for kids to ‘talk’ about issues or concerns.

Friends and relatives of military families can also show their support with a few simple gestures:

  • Offer to take a friend’s children on a fun outing with your own children. Spend time with them, whether it’s to a movie, amusement park, sports event or just pizza with your own family.
  • Recognize a military youth’s special skills and ask for their help. Show your admiration to them for their talents, whether it’s in computers, drawing or even video games.
  • Military parents can let their children plan an entire day of activities, or at least choose the theme. These activities could involve the entire family, one-on-one time with each parent or the parent who is not deployed. Ask for a friend’s help if you need someone to babysit the other kids.

Showing your appreciation for your own military children or someone else doesn’t require a lot of planning or preparation. Make the kids the focus of your activity and they’ll get the message!