Negotiate With The Best Of Them

Negotiate With The Best Of Them

“Can you work with me on this?”

When to use it: early in the process. Get the salesperson to team up with you. Use casual terms when describing the deal you want: “Can you throw those headphones in, too?” or “Can you help me out with a price on this ____?” Make is seem like it’s their choice to make. Don’t act entitled to it. And never add “for free” when asking for a deal.


When to use it: Constantly. Appear to pause and think every time the other party utters a statement. Time is your weapon. You want them to assume you’re close to agreeing, and that one final move on their part will seal the deal. Tempt them to make it.

“Does this go on sale anytime soon?”

When to use it: When you’re talking to the person with the power. Sales managers often have the power to put a sale price on an item right then and there. This phrasing is subtle and non-threatening, yet gets the point across very effectively.