Practice Could Make Perfect Teen Drivers

Practice Could Make Perfect Teen Drivers with Virtual Driving Program

Practice Could Make Perfect Teen Drivers with Virtual Driving Program

Wow – imagine asking your teen to spend more time at their PC, all in the name of improving their driving skills! Check out the new driver-ZED, a computer-based DVD software program from the American Automobile Association Foundation for Traffic Safety that helps novice drivers (teens) recognize and avoid potential driving hazards.

“ZED” stands for Zero Errors Driving, the ultimate goal and score your teen will want to attain. The driver-ZED DVD, that can also be used in a DVD player, puts your young driver in 100 simulated, live-action situations, the estimated equivalent of several years of actual driving. Featuring four kinds of progressively difficult video challenges across multiple venues of highway, in-town/city, and rural driving as well as driving through work zones, the program lets your teen experience from the safety of their computer what they could encounter on the road.

Driver-ZED gives you an engaging means of providing authentic learning founded on safe driving methods, combined with interactive scenarios that allow you to get a sense of just how well your teen reacts to a wide range of possible driving events. Not intended as a substitute for formal driver education courses, driver-ZED is a great complementary tool to instruction, practice and more practice! For other exciting details and to test-drive the program, go to today.

Parents – you can also download a flash demo of the software at