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Budgeting is a Team Sport

As with any team sport, good communication is an essential part of budgeting success.

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You’ve probably heard a million times that communication is key to a solid relationship. Don’t let this great advice stop when it comes to talking about money.

Discuss your financial values, spending habits, and important financial goals with your significant other. Seek to understand each other’s perspectives and find common ground.

The more you communicate with each other, the easier these conversations will become.

Here are a few practical ways to communicate with your significant other about money:

  • Find your partner’s super powers. One of you may be a numbers geek and the other a guru at finding the best deals. Whatever they may be, learn your strengths and how best to work together as you complete the activity provided.
  • Talk numbers, talk values and listen. Everyone tends to value money differently and this is where disagreements surface. Try to learn from each other and seek to understand why your partner made a purchase (or wants to make one). You may find the numbers and values add up once you listen and understand each other.
  • Honesty is the best policy. A good relationship is build on trust and so is a good budget! Be forthcoming with your partner about the money you save and spend.
  • Take it slow. This great advice from your parents or grandparents about relationships also works for money discussions. Start with easier topics like your financial goals and dreams before moving on to harder topics like debt.
Portrait of Mandi Moynihan
Tip from Mandi Moynihan, CFP®

Communication is the key to any relationship, and couples who budget together, stay together.


If you need some help getting the conversation started, we recommend you download this worksheet and work through the exercise together.

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Budgeting for Couples Worksheet

Download this worksheet to complete digitally or print it out and attack as a team with your favorite pen or pencil.

Download “Personal Financial Values”