Portrait of Bradley Weber

Brad Weber

Chair, Finance and Investment Committee

Brad Weber serves as the Chair of the Finance and Investment Advisory Committee which oversees the financial operations and long-term investments of The USAA Educational Foundation.

He serves USAA as the Chief Accounting Officer where he is responsible for the enterprise accounting, reporting, and tax functions.

Brad spent over 10 years at Bank of America in Charlotte, N.C. before joining USAA. He was the co-leader of the U.S. Accounting Control and Global Reconciliation team and was responsible for all consumer product controller teams. Brad led the centralized Reg W governance team and various internal allocations processes. Other roles at Bank of America included being a legal entity controller and accounting policy executive.

Brad also spent 15 years at PwC where he held various leadership roles for financial services clients including banks, mortgage companies, and insurance companies.

Brad graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He and his family live in Charlotte.