Week 4 – Use Debt Responsibly

by Steve Georgoulakis, CFP® on Tuesday January 23, 2024
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Wallet Workouts

Stay strong with your New Year’s resolutions!

Learn how to flex on your debt.

This week’s workout:

Use Debt Responsibly

  • Find financial balance and strength by using debt wisely. Like yoga – responsible debt management takes financial flexibility, consistency, and strength.
  • Start practicing these debt moves now to improve your credit reputation, save money, and reduce your financial stress.


Person rolling yoga mat

Move 1

Roll out your financial yoga mat and take note of all your debt balances, interest rates, minimum payments, and due dates.

Woman meditating

Move 2

Remain tranquil and contact your creditors. Ask about lowering interest rates, balance transfer options, and other ways to reduce interest costs.

Man and woman doing yoga

Move 3

Become one with your budget to unleash extra dollars to pay back debt.

Man doing yoga

Move 4

Stretch extra dollars wisely using the Debt Snowball or Debt Avalanche repayment strategy.


Man doing yoga

Move 5

Transcend your debt and become a Debt Destroyer®. This program will help you get out and stay out of debt.

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