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Fuel Your Success

Help yourself succeed in the long-term by pinning down the “why” behind your new commitment.

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Countless studies show that setting specific goals and visualizing success helps you achieve higher levels of focus, productivity, motivation, and persistence.

Take a minute now to identify the “why” behind your mission.

Two primary motivators tend to drive most people wanting to take control of their debt: the avoidance of pain or the promise of a better future. Viewed another way, most people are motivated by positive or negative emotions. Which better describes you? Is it both? Here are a few examples to get your mind going.

Pain You Want to Avoid Joy You Hope to Find
CollectionsFeeling your stomach drop when you see a collections notice VacationTaking someone you care about on a wonderful vacation
interestPaying higher interest on a purchase because of a low credit score CheckKnowing you can comfortably handle unexpected expenses
AlarmScrambling to find funds in a pinch because your cards are maxed out GivingChanging lives through charitable giving (without breaking your own bank account)

Whatever your motivation, you’ll have better odds of succeeding if you take a few minutes upfront to really think about, then write down, your top drivers for wanting to make this change.

Note: What are your top three motivations for wanting to take control of your debt? Write them down in your workbook. Keep this list handy as you move through the six steps of the Debt Destroyer® Program and review it frequently as you implement your plan. Once the real work starts, it will be important to regularly remind yourself why you’re doing it.