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Step 3: Confront Your Debt

Get to know everything you owe so you can analyze, strategize, and minimize your debt.

Watch the video for Step 3, then get organized for your Debt Destroyer® mission.

The Keys to Success

  • Gather your statements, then record the creditor’s name, account balance, minimum payment, and interest rate of each of your debts in your workbook.
  • Strategize ways to minimize the cost of your debt. Speak with the creditors you owe. Seek an interest rate reduction, explore a balance transfer, and research the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Act Now

Now it’s time to get this mission organized. Don’t skip this, because we’ll be using the information again in Step 6.

Note: Complete Activity 3 in your workbook to go on a scavenger hunt through the statements you gathered to uncover and record the details of each of your debts.

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Get Backup to Fight Back

Confronting your debt is one of the hardest steps in your Debt Destroyer® journey. The road to success can be easier using the tips contained in your workbook.

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