Week 2 – Spend Less Than You Earn

by Steve Georgoulakis, CFP® on Tuesday January 09, 2024
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Wallet Workouts

New year, new you!

Cut “empty calories” from your budget.

This week’s workout:

Spend Less Than You Earn

  • Count calories in your budget, by tallying dollars coming in and going out each month. There’s only so much money to go around!
  • Service members will see a 5.2% increase in military pay this year, but everyone needs to account for the additional weight from the rising cost of living in their spending plan.

Man doing pushup

Exercise 1

Time to get active! Create a budget and follow these guidelines on the best ways to spend and save.

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Exercise 2

Eliminate “empty calories” from your budget like online subscriptions, credit card interest, and impulse purchases. Step up money savers like buying generic, preparing meals, and reviewing insurance coverages.

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Exercise 3

No cheat days! Find an accountability partner. Communicate with your significant other about financial goals and be honest about the money you save and spend.

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