Retro alarm clock with government shutdown text, and American flag.

4 Military Money Moves for a Government Shutdown

Tuesday February 27, 2024

“Government shutdown.” For military families, those two words aren’t just part of the news cycle or debates on Capitol Hill. They represent the impending threat of delayed paychecks, sleepless nights, …

Stressed Mother With Two Young Children At Baby Group

All He Got Was a Quote! The Importance of Life Insurance

Thursday September 07, 2023

As a financial advisor of 30 years, I’ve spent a lifetime talking to military and civilian families about financial planning, investments, and securing their future.  Most days ended with a …

Service member and spouse outside of a house with a

Housing Options for Your Next PCS

Monday April 10, 2023

The moment you receive PCS orders, a million to-dos come to mind, and one of the first orders of business is to find your next home. That can be easier …

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